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Chinese wrestling and kickboxing!

  • We are members of the USA Shuaijiao Assoc. We host the world champion and several multi-time national champions.


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We offer a curriculum in traditional Shaolin Kung fu as well Tai chi. Great for health : balance, weight loss,heart and blood pressure,arthritis,autism,ADD,ADHD 


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We are a family owned martial art facility ,dedicated to helping you and your family achieve your goals. We have highly qualified instructors to guide you toward confidence,strength and skill.

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We offer traditional kung fu training. 

Including:   Forms, Fighting, and Application.

:Shuai Chiao , San Shou, Temple Style Shaolin, Tai-Chi

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Women's self-defense camp invite your sisters,moms and friends.

Women's Self-defense camp invite your sisters,moms,and friends.Be prepared to work with partners, practicing actual applications including ground work.Hand wraps will be provided for striking. You will learn: where and how to strike,basic blocks,some joint locks and chokes,along with some basic ground defense.

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"Two Tigers offers me a safe space to learn. I have learned confidence & how to overcome my fears."

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Our Tai Chi Program.

Increase Your: Mobility,Strength,Balance. Relieve stress.

Morning and evening classes available.

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we are part of the USA Shuaijiao Association. Our students consist of 4 international competitors.2017 female World Cup Champ.1997 Beijing World  Cup 4th 2018 Baoding invitational 5th 2017,2018,2019 Canadian Cup Champions. 6 students are multi-time forms,shuaijiao,and san shou champions 


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Two Tigers Kung fu Academy


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40 Northfield Road, Bedford, Ohio 44146, United States


Hours 4;15 pm- 8:00pm

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