Martial Arts: To Fight or Not To Fight

Punching the DummyThere is oftentimes confusion about the purpose of Martial Arts.

Many have questions like “doesn’t it teach violence?”, “Isn’t it about fighting”, “What’s the difference between Kung fu, Tai Chi and martial arts, isn’t one just movements?”

Some have the perspective that Kung fu is for defense only. That Tai Chi is for health only.

Some believe a true martial artist would never carry a gun. Some go as far as to think martial arts masters don’t drink, or get mad, or eat junk food – they just spend lots of time meditating.

I hope to shed some light on some of these questions and myths.

Martial arts means “military art”, it is a heading that includes all styles of combat used in armed forces from soldiers to police. It also includes those that have been adapted for sports and performance competition. The difference in many is theory and country of origin.

Martial arts does not teach violence, but self defense. If a wasp flies at you and tries to sting you in the face and you swat it away ,are you being violent or protecting yourself from being hurt?

Once you train in martial arts, and drill with partners and begin to develop skills you very quickly learn respect for what these techniques can do. Equipped with that confidence, you are less likely to use them without forethought. The cardio, the emphasis on coordination, the intense arm ,core and leg work is unparalleled for a total body workout and remembering the combos engages the mind simultaneously. 

Tai chi GenerationsKung Fu is a martial art that is also a heading. It means a “skill developed through energy and hard work”. The styles of kung fu taught at Two Tigers Kung Fu Academy are Shaolin,  Shuai Chiao (Chinese style wrestling),  Sanshou (Chinese kickboxing) and Tai Chi. These are ancient martial arts styles still practiced today. 

Each style has what most styles have in common: kicking, punching, throwing, and joint locking techniques. Forms, kata, empty hand sets, routines, whatever you call them are designed for exercise and considered moving meditation. Their purpose is much the same as shadow boxing with the addition of containing every fighting technique and principle in your style and an ancient story that demands you tell it precisely the way your martial ancestors passed it to you or you change it forever.  No pressure! 

So in answer about if real martial artists should carry guns? It is up to the individual, that is your choice. Remember Shaolin Monks are martial artists as well as military and police. Martial arts Masters are everyday people with a particular skill set that they perfected because of a love for the training. 

Although there is no doubt that it creates self discipline and increases your sense of character, and work ethic ,practitioners are still subject to everyday human failing (like midnight cookies).

In conclusion, martial arts training has something for everyone from kids to mature adults.

Do it because you want better flexibility and balance.

Do it because you want your kids to have more focus and discipline.

Do it because you want to be a pro fighter or a performance tournament champ.

Do it because you're a police officer or security guard and you want extra training. 

Whatever your goal is, it’s a valid one, and we have what you are looking for at Two Tigers Kung Fu Academy.

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