What Is Shuai Chiao (Chinese Wrestling)?

Shuai ChiaoShuai Chiao is one of the oldest forms of Chinese martial arts. Its origins date back more than 2,000 years ago. Some say its origins can be traced back much earlier and is mentioned in Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. Shuai Chiao (throwing horns) - named for the appearance of the wrestlers as they wrestled - has been known by many names and is now more known now as Shuaijiao (wrestling).

Many arts have been influenced by Shuai Chiao such as Sumo, Jiujitsu and Judo.

Shuai Chiao is actually a sister style of Tai Chi and uses its principles in the execution of most throws. Shuai Chiao is a form of self-defense that focuses on keeping your own balance while throwing your opponent off balance and to the ground. This is a simplified explanation as the art contains theory, philosophy, methods and applications.

Shuai Chiao was practiced by the Chinese military as early as 2697 B.C. then known as Chiao Ti.

Shuai Chiao (shuaijiao) as a sport gained popularity during the Ch’ing Dynasty. The Emperor at the time held tournaments where the contestants came from all over the nation. The winners of these matches would be chosen as the national Shuai Chiao team. The U.S.A Shuaijiao Association still selects their team members using this same mode of selection for U.S team members.

Dr. Weng is credited for bringing Shuai Chiao to the U.S in 1978. The USA Shuaijiao Association formerly known as the American Shuai Chiao Association was founded by Dr.Weng in 1979. The current President of the USA Shuaijiao Association is Sifu John Ervin, a long time student of Dr.Weng and my instructor.

Thanks to Dr. Weng, Jan Yu Weng, Sifu Ervin and many other Shuai Chiao instructors around the country, students have the privilege of competing in this exciting international sport. Those of who have qualified for the U.S team have gotten the opportunity to represent our country in a sport, gain valuable life and martial art experience through competing with our Chinese brothers and many other countries such as Spain, Germany, Armenia, Japan, Mongolia, Russia, Indonesia, Italy, France and many others.

Our goal is to expand the knowledge and popularity of Shuaijiao here in the U.S. Shuaijiao is a fun safe sport and self defense whose effective techniques can be practiced safely without pulling your techniques. We don’t just learn how to throw but how to fall in a way that minimizes and in most cases prevents injury, a valuable lesson for kids.

I urge any interested practitioner to go to USA Shuaijiao Association on Facebook, the Two Tigers Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as many YouTube videos featuring international Shuaijiao matches. Enjoy and spread the news!

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