What Is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi - also known as Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Ji and Tai Ji Quan - is a soft fist style whose origins trace back to the Ming Dynasty (1365-1644AD]. Taoist monk Chang San Feng, observing that Kung fu only beget violence, created a new style. He combined wushu (martial art} with the 18 Lo Han Shou to create Jou Quan which evolved into modern Tai Chi.

There have developed many styles of Tai Chi, such as Yang Style, Chen Style, Sun style, Wu style and other variations.

Most of these styles have many things in common, such as circular motion, slow controlled breathing, graceful flowing form, rooting and the circulation of chi {internal energy}.

At Two Tigers Kung Fu our focus is on the health benefits of Tai Chi. We practice to increase balance, coordination, circulation and stress relief. Our goal is to strengthen the body and help quiet the mind. Many of my students have reported more movement and less pain in arthritic hands, decreased blood pressure, more manageable blood sugar, and a stronger more balanced gait. I’ve even had students removed from medicines they were previously dependent on by their doctor due to their increased health status!

Although many forms of Tai Chi exist all styles share the same potential for physical and personal development for the practitioner.

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