What Is Shaolin?

Shaolin StanceShaolin Kung fu is a style of martial arts that originated at a Buddhist temple named Shaolin (meaning young forest) in Henan Province, China by a Chan Buddhist monk, Bodhidharma (Ta Mo) the 36th Buddhist patriarch in 527 A.D

The legend speaks to Ta Mo finding the Shaolin monks weak and unhealthy from constant meditation So he developed a series of exercises to increase their physical and mental health. These were called “Muscle Change Classics” “marrow Washing Course” and the 18 Lohan Shou. Later during a civil war, the monks were forced to defend themselves so they mixed the Ta Mo’s exercises with local fighting techniques and the legend of Shaolin Kung fu was born. The monks fighting skills gained renown in history and around the world. Their mastery of internal power, astounding balance, speed, and incredible flexibility can still be witnessed in the Shaolin temple today.

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